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 Angel of Light...


There's a guardian angel
watching over you,
an angel of light,
sent from God to guide you
in everything you do.
Listen very carefully,
and you'll hear its voice.
Close your eyes and you'll feel
a presence that
will make your heart rejoice.
Love flows from heaven
through your guardian angel
to make you feel warm
even when you feel
lost and beaten by the storm.
You need never feel alone,
because your guardian angel
will be there for you always
to lead you along the right path,
and brighten your days.
Your guardian angel will
forever strive
to help you learn and grow,
giving you the
strength and inspiration
you need in order
to seek your very own rainbow.
Your guardian angel
makes sure that God hears
your every prayer,
your every request
and that your good deeds
are recorded in heaven
to make you doubly blest.
Your guardian angel
is your best friend
with plenty of heaven's
love and light to lend.
So the next time you pray,
remember to give thanks
for the angel of light
who will be there for you
all of your days.

"Angel of Light," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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