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 Just Smile...


I know you've been sad!
But chin up!
There's no reason to be blue
when someone out there cares about you!

You're such a special person,
that you should never spend a single minute unhappy!

Since smiles are contagious,
I'm sending you many big smiles today!

Smile now. You won't regret it!...

I want to send some cheer your way!

Whenever you start feeling bad,
Just smile and soon you'll be glad!

See, it's not so hard to do!

I hope you're smilin' and having a great time!

"Just Smile," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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Music: "Raindrop Rag, Original Composition, (c) 2003 by Pawel Jurdziak.
Used with permission."