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Friends or Lovers Quiz...

The two of you seem perfect for each other. You have
a lot in common, and you truly care for each other. But the
big question is: are you "just friends" or destined to
be lovers? Find out by answering the questions below.

  1. You talk about what you'll do together in the future.

    True False

  2. You've told each other your most private dreams.

    True False

  3. He or she is not afraid of commitment.

    True False

  4. The more you've gotten to know this person, the better you've felt about the relationship.

    True False

  5. You see or contact each other every day or as much as possible.

    True False

  6. You've met his or her's family and friends?

    True False

  7. You confide in each other about your problems.

    True False

  8. If you ever need anything, he or she is there right away to assist you.

    True False

  9. On Valentine's Day, you wouldn't be surprised if he or she sent you red roses.
    True False

  10. It bothers you to think that he or she might have a romantic relationship with someone else.
    True False

  11. When you're together you enjoy talking about everything.
    True False

  12. You like being with this person more than anything, and you believe he or she feels the same way about being with you.
    True False

  13. You know each other's likes and dislikes.
    True False

  14. If trouble visited you, you're certain that this person would be by your side and help you through rough times.
    True False

  15. This is the first person you'd go to for advice.
    True False

Finished? Click the button below for your score. Then see what your score means on the table below. If the form doesn't work with your browser, total your score by giving yourself one point for each true answer."

Your Score


0-6 You may want to rethink this relationship. This person certainly has no romantic feelings for you, and it's questionable whether he or she is even a friend. This person is hiding much from you, and is unwilling to commit...or there's simply not a spark between you. Something just doesn't click here! Worst of all, this "friend" is never there for you when you need help.

But don't worry, there's someone out there looking for you. You just need to look in another pasture. And when you find the right one, the relationship will be so much better than this one that you'll never look back.

 7-11 You're definitely close friends. You share much with each other, and enjoy the time you spend together, but it's a little premature to tell whether your relationship will blossom into something more.

Give the relationship time to grow. See where it goes from here. The seeds you plant now could bloom into a red rose if properly nurtured.

12-15 You're close friends, but your relationship could turn into something greater. There's definitely chemistry here. Sparks are in the air.

You spend a lot of time together, sharing tears and joy, and you have a lot in common. Truly, you feel for each other.

Maybe one of you just needs to make the first move. Invite him or her over for a candlelight dinner, and then watch a romantic movie together. Such an evening may be just the ice breaker you need to turn this spark into a flame.

"Friends or Lovers Quiz" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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