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 To Love You...


I didn't want to love you,
but your light
penetrated all the barriers I erected
and reached deep inside my heart
to set my world aglow.
You inspired bliss like I'd never known
and made me hear the music again.
Not a minute escapes me
without thoughts of you.

I didn't want to need you,
but after I saw your face,
I've never stopped thinking about you,
and I crave your nearness,
yearn to wrap you in my arms
and press your body close to mine.

I didn't want to need you,
but imagining life without you
is unbearable.
How dark and grim would be the days;
how long and stark would be the nights.
Even heaven-sent angels
would be unable to replenish
the spark of life
in my soul.

I didn't want to desire you,
yet I hunger for you like the springtime
blossom hungers for sunshine.
I need your touch, and I want
to make love to you
slowly and passionately
before the fire.
Only my fantasies of you,
wonderfully hot
yet silky and soft,
sustain me.

"To Love You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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