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Picture of Us...

Every day, my mind paints
a picture of you...
then of us,
and suddenly we're the stars
in a romantic movie made for two,
our bodies entwined...

And I can't stop these fantasies,
I don't even wish to.

For when my mind finds you,
I fill in the missing pieces
that the distance between us creates
and nourish my heart
with the images it craves.

And I can't stop these fantasies.
Fool I'd be to want to.

For my whole body
feels your touch...
it's as light as the
whisper of butterfly wings,
yet powerful enough to
ignite a fire along
every nerve,
and fill my being
with your being
until I'm satisfied
that we're one
in body and spirit.

And I can't stop these fantasies.
Why would I want to?

"Picture of Us," Written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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