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Somewhere beyond
the clocks and dollar signs,
you're out there,
safely tucked away
from the hustle and shuffle.
You breathe,
and your heart beats
at its own pace
even though everything
is, "Hurry, hurry,"
in this concrete world.
And as the minutes tick away
and time steals
another hour
and night steals
another day,
I hope you can see me...
and can even find me
behind the steely walls
of responsibility.
Maybe you can even
soar above them
and wrest me away
on your soft wings
and breathe some life
into my soul.

If only it were true...
to have a day with you--
to just lie in your arms
and enjoy your nearness.
Instead, the empty voice
of commitment
arrives on a black horse again,
to steal me away,
and I can only
dream about you
as your image fades
in the distance.

Still you hear one last word
before I go...


"Soon," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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