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Think of Me...


When your world tilts
from an uncomfortable swivel,
and your inspiration dries up
to a speck of a shrivel...

And the words you need to hear
remain long unspoken
and your heart is blue,
battered and broken...

And the star you hoped to snag
suddenly seems too lofty,
because you hear your dreams
trail away ever so softly...

And your spirit is pulled under
with every feverish cough,
and each idea you offer
meets a shrug and a scoff...

Think of me, and remember
that I care about you.
I'll be your sunshine when your
world's upside down and blue.

"Think of Me," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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Photo: by Bobette Bryan, Krug Park, 2002
Music: "Take A Chance On Me"

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