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Heavenly Guardians...

Do Angels exist?
Of course they do!
Here's a little biblical
proof to remind you
that these wonderful
guardians are with you always.

The angels of the Lord
encamp around those
who honor Him...
and He delivers them.
--Psalm 34:8

He will give His angels
charge of you,
to guard you in all
of your ways.
--Psalm 91:11

There is rejoicing
in the presence of the
angels of God over one
sinner who repents.
--Luke 15:10 NIV

And as I prayed,
Gabriel, who I had
seen in a vision,
flew to me and said,
"I have come to help you
and give you insight into
God's plan...for He loves
you dearly.
--Daniel 9:21

And I saw seraphim
flying over the throne
of the Lord, each one
calling out to one
another, saying,
"Holy, holy, holy."
--Isaiah 6:3

Be not forgetful to
entertain strangers:
for thereby some have
entertained angels unawares.
--Hebrews 13:1-2

"Heavenly Guardians" written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Image: by Bobette Bryan
Angels: Circa 1890, from Bobette Bryan's Private Collection.
Music: "Annointing, Fall On Me"