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You Reached Deep...

You reached deep
within my soul
and drew out
the dreams
that had long
been buried
beneath doubt.

You overlooked
the foolish part
of my nature
and saw qualities
that no one else
had cared to seek.
And in so doing,
you made me rediscover
the light and beauty
of my existence.

You reached out
in your own special way
and managed to
carve statues out of
the hunks of granite
that composed my life.

You took my words
and turned them into poetry.
You made my heartbeat
into a song.
You banished the darkness
with your light.
You brought me blessings
like an answered prayer.

And though there are no words
strong enough to thank you
for doing all of that,
I will say, "I love you!"

"You Reached Deep," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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