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Lift Me...

Lift me, God.
Give me strong wings
and let me soar
above the trees,
above the purple clouds
where I'm one
with the wind
and silver rain.

Lift me.
Sweep away the dust
that dulls the dawn,
and let me sing,
let me endure,
let me find
renewed inspiration
and strength.

Lift me.
Give me poise
as I begin my flight,
and enough
of your grace
to reach
the other side
of the stars
when they're
out of reach.

Lift me.
Raise me up with
with hope,
with love,
with all of the
exuberance of youth.

Lift me
with your love.

"Lift Me," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Images: By Bobette Bryan
Music: "A New Day"