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I Kissed Him...

I kissed him!
And I hoped
the kiss would tell him
just how much
I love him;
hoped the movement
of my lips transcended
the deep emotion
that churned in my breast
and rocked me to
the very depths of my soul.

I kissed him!
And I hoped that pressing
my lips to his
reassured him that
our bond is forever
and that he's
the greatest dream
of my life,
my hope for tomorrow,
and the very essence
of passion and fire
in my blood.

I kissed him!
And I hoped that the warmth
in my soul
and the love in my heart
melded into his
and permanently took root.

But to make sure,
I better kiss him again!


"I Kissed Him," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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