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Pig Test
Your Results...

If the pig is at the top of the paper, you're an optimist. If the pig is in the center of the paper, you're a realist. If the pig is at the bottom of the paper, you're a pessimist.

If the pig faces left, you're fond of tradition and family. In addition, you're friendly and loving. And you never forget birthdays and anniversaries.

If the pig faces right, you're innovative and active, but you don't have a strong sense of family or tradition and you never remember dates.

If the pig faces the front (toward you), you're direct, and you enjoy playing devil's advocate. You neither fear nor avoid discussions or confrontations.

If the pig has many details, you're analytical, cautious, and distrustful.

If the pig has few details, you're emotional and possibly naive. You miss a lot going on around you, because you don't pay attention to details, and you have a tendency to take risks.

If the pig has less than 4 legs showing, you're insecure.

If the pig has 4 legs showing, you're secure and stubborn. You like to stick to your ideas.

The size of the pig's ears indicate how willing you are to listen. The bigger the ears, the better you are at listening.

The length of the pig's tail indicates the quality of your sex life.

"Pig Test," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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