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A Perfect Evening...

My perfect evening
has a slow and easy pace;
it's filled with
the song of birds
and tinged by
a silvery blue horizon.

As the day winds down,
my hopes and dreams return
when there's a refreshing breeze
across my shoulders,
a pot of soup on the stove,
the voice of loved ones nearby,
my beloved dog by my side.

These simple pleasures
have a way to revive my spirit,
so that I can greet the
softly glowing stars
with a soul free of anguish,
a heart full of love,
and a head full of dreams.

And for me, it's these
simple things that make
life worthwhile.

I don't know what
your perfect evening is, friend,
but I wish it for you.
May the first star you see tonight
bring you the simple pleasures
of a perfect evening
that fills you with hope
and rekindles your dreams
for tomorrow.

"A Perfect Evening," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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