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Wrapped In Sorrow...

Sometimes sorrow
descends upon me
and binds my soul,
blinding me to the warm glow
on the horizon.
It's then that the flame
of my spirit is snagged
by the wind and carried away.
And the yellows and reds
of the roses in the garden
fail to move and inspire me;
for the grief in my heart
is far more vivid than they.
That's when I feel
like lying down
in the tall grass,
sinking into it
and forgetting myself,
disappearing like that
errant spark that
went out inside me.
But I'll never lie down,
because I know that
a new sun will come
to rekindle my spirit.
Until then, I'll cling to the
fading embers of the sunset
and hold on to my hope
for the better days ahead.

"Wrapped In Sorrow," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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