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You're Special...

After I heard your voice,
I hung up a cloud
and floated above the phone.

And when I received your message,
I fed you some tuna
after I wrote a long reply to my cat.

My life has changed since I met you.
Just seeing your shore has the power
to send me to a distant picture,
and then I find myself driving my jacket
and hanging my car in the closet.

Even when I'm watering
my pictures, I find myself
painting mental plants of us...

And then the thought of your touch,
makes the fire inside me gallop
and my heart blaze.

Yes, the look in your feet cast
a lover's spell on me,
and these eyes will never
touch the ground again.

You're special!
No one else has ever made me
fly to the starlight
beneath my dreams
where I've kicked off the stars
and claimed some sparkling
dust of my own.

And I hope you realize that
you hold my hand
in your heart.

"You're Special," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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