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You Quiz...

How well do you know yourself? And what kind of lifestyle would make you happiest? Find out with the quiz below.

1. If you could fly, you'd be most like a:
  hot air balloon

2. Which do you prefer?

3. Picture your dream house. Is it most accurately described as a:
  cabin in the woods
  ranch style or country home
  Colonial or Victorian home
  high rise apartment
  ultra modern apartment or modern house

4. You are most like a?
  stick in the mud
  quill and ink
  fountain pen
  computer program

5. You prefer which mode of transportation:
  horse and carriage
  classic car
  new car

6. You would rather spend an evening:
  strolling or picnicking
  listening to music
  watching television or a movie
  Trying out new software or the latest innovation.

7. Concerning tomatoes:
  You would rather grow your own.
  You occasionally grow your own.
  You rarely grow your own, but like home grown ones best.
  You would rather buy them in the store, because it's easier.
  You never eat at home, so you would never or rarely buy them.

8. The rapid rate of technological change:
  Terrifies you.
  Intimidates you.
  Is of no or only mild interest to you.
  Interests you.
  Thrills you.

9. Concerning your hair, you would:
  Rather let nature take its course.
  Prefer an elegant or debonair style.
  Prefer a neat, tidy, or short style.
  Prefer a stylish cut.
  Prefer a punk or wild style. Whatever the latest rage is.

10. Where would you rather spend your vacation?:
  In the woods, camping or taking in nature.
  Exploring the castles of Europe.
  Enjoying a historical location along the seaboard.
  A city location with shopping and nice restaurants.
  Los Vegas, Los Angeles, or New York City.

11. Your motto is closest to:
  The old days were better.
  Why change what you're comfortable with?
  I'll buy when I'm ready.
  I'm only halfway there.
  The future awaits.

12. If you could magically travel 200 years ahead in time for a day, you'd:
  Feel like a fish out of water.
  Feel like a boot without a kick.
  Wish you'd stayed home.
  Feel a bit out of place, but the excitement would be worth it.
  Fit right in and thrill to every development.

13. Which type of music do you like the most?:
  Classical, tribal, traditional, native
  Country, big band, jazz
  soft or classic pop, soul
  Classic Rock
  New age, heavy metal, rap, or punk

14. Your lifestyle would shock the previous generation:
  Not a bit!
  Probably not.
  On some issues

15. Finally, what do you think of the background on this page?
  It hurts my eyes!
  I hate it.
  No opinion.
  It's interesting.
  It's wild!

Your Score is:

Note: If this program doesn't work with your browser, calculate your score by giving yourself one point each time you checked the first answer, two points each time you checked the second answer, and so on. For instance if you only checked the fifth answer on each of the 15 questions, your score would be 75.

It means...
0 to 16 You're a Naturalist. Your keywords are country, tranquil, quiet, woods, rustic, stone, leather and oak.

You hold on to family values, traditions, and your beliefs. And you believe happiness is far more important than wealth.

You prefer a quiet and simple life and would prefer to be in the country or sight-seeing in the woods rather than living a fast-paced city lifestyle. You love nature, creating things with your hands, reading, and telling stories by the campfire.

You prefer simple shaker, rustic, or country styles; you dislike the overly adorned.

You think of yourself as different, and indeed you're a rare breed, in touch with the life that's going on around you and appreciative of the small pleasures.

You're always the last to try something new. Though you accept change when you must, you aren't one for modern innovations, and it's amazing that you're using the internet to take this test.
17-38 You're a Traditionalist. Your keywords are: stability, dependability, soft, quiet, peaceful, loyal, classical, lace and silk.

Though you appreciate the modern comforts, the old times are highly romantic and desirable to you. You enjoy a quiet life and savor the simple pleasures. You thrill to every sunrise and sunset and are in awe when the flowers bloom in the spring.

You prefer soft subdued tones, and you'd take an antique dresser over a modern one any day. You dislike the ultra modern from furnishings to art, and would prefer Monet's work over Picasso's.

For entertainment, you like romantic movies and/or touching true life dramas. You're a real sucker for happy endings.

You treasure your family and long-time friends and are loyal to them. People often turn to you for advice or when they need a steady shoulder to cry on, because You have a kind heart and a good ear. Friends and family see you as a rock, a pillar of dependability and stability.

And though you're able to adapt to the times, you prefer continuity over change.

39 to 61 You're an Eclectic. Your keywords are present, balance, steady, variety, rainbow, velvet, family, and friends.

You like a bit of the old and new, and you live for the here and now. You aren't afraid to try something new, but you're sometimes a little late to get in on the action. But that's okay with you. You're more concerned with comfort than doing the "in thing," and you're all for change as long as you can meet it at your pace.

You like to meet new people, but you wouldn't trade your old friends for anything in the world. And tradition and family is of utmost importance to you. "Family first," is always your motto.

As for your home, you'd be happy with a variety of styles. You're like a rainbow taking in a bit of everything from the world around you and making the most of it.

62 to 75 You're a Modernist. Your keywords are: change, new, sleek, revolution, unrest, shining, byte, future, metal, glass, and nylon.

You're always the first to try something new and aren't intimidated by modern technology. In fact, you thrive on change and thrill at each technological development and scientific discovery.

You prefer the new to the old, the fast to the slow, and you're always looking to the future.

Though you've never forgotten where you came from, and, doubtlessly, you hold on to a few traditions, you want to revolutionize the world around you. You are easily bored and crave endless variety--new people, new places, new challenges.

Only city life would do for you; you'd simply be bored to death in the country.

You prefer sleek and shiny glass to porcelain, simple and clean to the overly adorned. In art, you're most intrigued by designs that stimulate your imagination.

"You Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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