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Flower Quiz...

What kind of a flower are you? Take the test below and find out. Learn more about yourself and the qualities that endear you to others.

1. If you were a characteristic of someone's face, you'd be a
  beauty mark

2. What kind of bird would you rather be?
  early bird

3. What kind of musical instrument would you be?:
  grand piano
  electric guitar

4. Which below is most appealing to you?
  documentary and news
  biography and drama
  romance and adventure
  comedy and cartoons

5. Which type of amusement park feature is your favorite?:
  None. I hate amusement parks.
  train or boat
  funhouse and shows
  fast spinning rides

6. You're able to laugh at your own mistakes:

7. If a friend played a practical joke on you, you would:
  be angry.
  be annoyed
  be amused
  return the favor.
  return the favor times two.

8. The first thing on your mind in the morning is:
  Work or school
  problems in your life
  the day ahead
  what you'll do this evening.

9. Your motto is:
  Time is money and money is time.
  The early bird catches the worm.
  What's good for one is good for all.
  Live and let live.
  Let it all hang out!

10. You love all types of animals.
  No animals
  few animals
  some animals
  most animals

11. You smile
  So much that you should be put in a straight jacket.

12. You're often thought of as:
  Attila the Hun
  a cold fish
  a beautiful person
  a cuddly bear
  A party animal

13. You express emotions of love and appreciation
  as much as possible

14. You believe that setting aside some time just for you is crucial to happiness
  Probably not.
  Absolutely. You try to pamper yourself as often as possible.

15. Do you live your life by a schedule or are you more spontaneous?
  I celebrate the holidays via appointment only
  I plan ahead of time
  It depends on the day of the week.
  Spontaneous whenever possible.
  Spontaneous all the way

Your Score

It means...
0 to 20 You're a white lily. People look up to you for your hard work, dedication, and accomplishments, for you're goal-orientated and career-minded. You may be a first child.

Social: You certainly have emotions, but you're loathe to show them. Your keyword is professional and one of your greatest concerns is how you appear to others on various levels.

Outlook: You may have a tendency to think negatively, which could be one of your greatest challenges in life. And though you seem pretty confident to others, inside you're sometimes unsure of yourself.

Strengths: One of your greatest strengths is your ability to set a goal and follow it through.

Challenges: You may look at the world through very narrow eyes and always feel like there's just not enough time for what you hope to accomplish.

Suggestions: Make sure your seriousness doesn't isolate you from the rest of the world. Take time to have some fun. Loosen up and enjoy life. You need to set aside some time just for you and do things that you enjoy. If you did that, you'd find that your productivity and imagination would improve beyond your expectations. And by all means, try to laugh more and reach out to others. If you do, you'll blossom into a vibrant tiger lily.

21-54 You're a rose. Yes, you have a few thorns, but lots of beauty. You have the best of both worlds, because you're able to balance the serious issues in your life with fun. You have a healthy sense of humor and you appreciate a good joke, but you're more likely to listen than tell a joke of your own. You could be a middle child.

Social: People like to have you around. You're fun to be with and warm. You have several close friends.

Outlook: You view life realistically, fully aware that there's a mix of good and bad, but you try to make your own luck by doing all that you can to get ahead in the world, working hard, and remaining dedicated to your goals.

Strengths: You're comfortable being you and that gives you confidence. In addition your stability helps you meet your goals.

Challenges: You're most challenged by boredom. Sometimes life seems mundane to you.

Suggestions: Expand your horizons. Explore and try new things. If you do, you will be surprised at what you can accomplish. And by all means, don't forget to look for the beauty in all things--especially in yourself!

55 to 75 You're a sunflower in a bed of roses. There's just something sunny about you that makes you stick out and lends warmth to everyone around you. You could be the youngest in your family or an only child.

Though you can be serious when you need to be, your friends and family probably think of you as a comedian, because you like to joke, tease, have fun, and play a practical joke every now and then.

You love to meet new and interesting people from all walks of life, but you're not comfortable around people who never smile.

You have a tendency to greet bad news with humor and you have a very optimistic viewpoint on life.

Strengths: You take bad news and failure in stride and look for the good in everything. There's not much in the world that could shake your optimistic vision of life or your belief in yourself. In addition, you're warm, friendly, outgoing, and a loyal friend, and these qualities alone could take you far.

There are so many great things to do in life that it's hard for you to stick to one thing. You have an endless amount of energy, but having the motivation to stick to something long enough to make progress may be one of your greatest challenges.

Suggestions: Let people see your serious side as well as your fun and humorous side, and they'll always want you around. And remember to respect other's feelings. Unfortunately, not everyone can be as sunny as you are. And though it's hard to do, find something you like and stick to it; look for new challenges in the realm of your interests instead of moving on to something else.

"Flower Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Photo: By Bobette Bryan, 2002