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True Beauty...

If you want to see something
that's truly beautiful,
gaze at the picture of earth above
and imagine her magnificent
oceans with white-capped waves,
warm sandy beaches,
gentle water falls,
meadows brimming with
wildflowers of every color,
misty hills beneath a purple horizon,
and great stands of woods
that stretch farther than
the eye can see.
Her body provides us with
nourishment and gives us shelter.
There's healing power
in her every leaf and brook,
and serenity can be found
in her soft bosom.
She's a living miracle in the
blackness of space,
a true gift from God.
She is our Mother,
providing all we need
and cradling us gently
in her loving arms.
She is home,
a vital part of who we are,
the essence of our being.
God put her in our trust,
so please take good care of her.
Respect her and all life upon her;
for we're all connected
to each other...
and to her.

"True Beauty," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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