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When in Doubt...

Some days we have doubts
and we wonder what
life is all about.
Why are we here?
And what troubles will
the wind bring
in the coming year?
We begin to feel uncertain
and we gaze beyond
the curtain;
then we're intimidated
by the weight of it all,
wondering when
we'll slip and fall.
And suddenly the climb
is steep along the hill,
for our determination flounders
and we begin to lose our will.
But we must have faith
that God is watching from above,
sending us His blessings
and His endless love.
He's with us all the way,
providing what's needed,
and sending His advice,
in hopes it will be heeded.
And when bad news calls,
He lifts our troubled spirit
and renews our strength too,
because He's certain
that there's nothing we can't do.

The next time you're in doubt,
remember that He's there for you!

"When In Doubt," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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