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I Want A Love...

I want a love that's patient,
caring, and kind,
a love that judges with the heart
and never with the mind.

This love must transform
all of the commonplace things;
turn the mountains into rubies,
gild the butterflies' wings.

I want endless beauty,
sweetness and grace
with all the magic that glows
from some fairytale place.

I want a love that's faithful,
too precious to ever forsake;
it must be unselfish,
giving more than it takes.

This love I dream of
must be nothing short of divine,
on a deeper level
than mortal man can define.

I want a love above all loves,
a love that's honest,
believing, and true.
Such a love could only
come from God...
and you!

"I Want A Love," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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