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A Priceless Gift...

There's a sweet
and priceless gift
that gives the heart
and soul a lift;
it can change the
human race
and make the world
a better place;
it keeps the vision
bright and clear,
and takes away
the clouds of fear;
it lightens
every wounded heart
and makes the
holes within depart;
it leads the
faithless to believe,
and the more of it
we give,
the more we receive.
This priceless gift
is known as love,
and it's sent from God
in heaven above.
And He's calling out to
all hearts out there,
hoping this is a gift
you'll eagerly share.

Someone has blessed you
with the gift of
warmth and love today.
Please share this
gift with your family
and friends,
and see how many times
it comes back to you.

"A Priceless Gift," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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