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I Call You Friend...

You Focused on my strengths, always
accepting me for who I am, and
respecting the choices I've made.

You Reached deep inside my heart
and replaced the rain and darkness
with the sunshine of a warm smile.

You Inspired me, reminding me of the
beauty of the sunset and making me
see beyond my own narrow world.

You Encouraged me to follow my dreams
and even when the road was rough,
you always cheered me along the way.

You Never gave up on me--not for a
single second--even when I was more
than ready to give up on myself.

You Devoted your time to me and
remained a constant in my life
even when the world was changing.

For these reasons,
and many more,
I call you "friend."
And though I can't
possibly say this
strongly enough:
Thank you, friend!

"I Call You Friend," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Photo: By Bobette Bryan
Music: "Whenever I Call You Friend"