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Brain Quiz...

Are you the scientific or artistic brain? The two hemispheres of your brain are as different as day and night, and though there is continual communication between the two, chances are that one of them dominates you. Find out which of these fascinating twins is the big boss in your head with the quiz below. It will help you understand yourself and the reason why you do the things you do.

1. How well do you express your thoughts and ideas orally?
  Very Well, and I enjoy expressing myself orally.
  Terribly! I find it difficult to express myself orally.

2. Are you organized?

3. Which types of courses do you prefer?:
  Science and math
  Artistic subjects

4. When making a decision do you...
  prefer logical reasoning
  Prefer to use your intuition

5. Are you considered punctual?
  Yes. I have a very accurate sense of time.
  No. I'm dreadful at keeping time, and I'm often late.

6. Concerning other people, you...
  like to know why they did something.
  are fascinated by their motivation.

7. Which kind of books do you prefer?
  Fiction, poetry, and/or fantasy.

8. When it comes to your feelings, which most describes you?
  I rarely show my feelings, and I'm great at controlling my temper.
  I'm temperamental, and I have a tendency to let it all hang out.

9. Are you good with numbers?
  Yes. I'm great with numbers.
  No. I'm terrible at numbers.

10. Which describes your feelings about music?
  I like it, but I'm not very musical or overly absorbed by it.
  I love music. I couldn't live without it, and I have some musical ability.

11. People see you as?
  Objective. I draw my conclusions from facts.

12. You are considered...
  a realist; not a dreamer or idealist.
  a daydreamer; not realistic and easily carried away by flights of fancy.

13. Can you think entirely in pictures or images?

14. Imagine yourself walking in the woods. What did you see?
  Individual trees
  The whole woods

15. Are you attracted to mystical, esoteric, or supernatural things?

16. Which describes you?
  I'm a planner.
  I prefer to do things on impulse.

17. Do you ever rely on your gut feeling?

18. Are you good at solving puzzles?

19. Which describes your dreams?
  I rarely dream, and if I do, I forget my dreams immediately.
  I have very vivid and intense dreams. In addition, I often daydream.

20. Do you frequently suffer from despair and sadness?

21. Which hand do you write with?

22. Are you neat or messy?

23. Which describes the way you think?
  I think in clear, linear sequences and logical progressions.
  I can think in pictures that are out of sequence.

24. When it comes to drawing a conclusion, which describes you?
  I abstract information from data easily.
  I need more than relevant data. I Have to see the whole picture first.

25. Are you good at remembering faces?

Your Score

Note: If this form doesn't work with your browser,
calculate your score by giving yourself 3 points for every "yes" answer; 1 point for every "sometimes" answer; and no points for every "no" answer.

It means...
0-100 You're dominated by the left brain, which makes you the scientist. The degree in which you're dominated by the scientific brain depends on your score. The lower your score is, the more dominate this side of the brain is.
In general, however, you're better at numbers and objective data than with spelling or creative endeavors. And instead of seeing the big picture, you see things in their component parts down to the intricate details.

Because you're great at analyzing situations and solving problems, especially in terms of numbers or data, you'd be best in a career involving, mathematics, business, natural science, engineering, etc.

The abilities you possess to calculate, conceive and plan has been instrumental in humanity's survival.
110 to 149 Neither your left brain nor your right brain are dominate. With few exceptions, you use both sides equally and have ability in both. In many ways, you have the best of both worlds, because you don't see things from a narrow viewpoint, you're even tempered, balanced, and you have a good head on your shoulders.
150 to 250 You're dominated by your right brain, which makes you the artist. The degree in which you're dominated by the artistic brain depends on your score. The higher your score is, the more dominate this side of the brain is.

Not only are you highly creative, but you're also very emotional with a tendency toward sadness and despair. You have great spatial ability and are good at recognizing patterns. You would be at your best in a creative field such as graphical art, creative writing, poetry, music, drama, photography, etc.

Though the left brain has given man the means of survival, the abilities you possess to create and inspire has given humanity a reason to survive.

"Brain Quiz," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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