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 For You...


I asked God for happiness,
and I found you.

I asked God for help,
and he guided me to your door.

I asked God for reassurance,
and I felt a wonderful sense of peace
when I heard your voice.

I asked God for an escape from the darkness,
and I saw the light in your eyes.

I asked God for someone to love,
and you put your hand in mine.

I asked God for life,
and I felt a spark sizzle through my veins
when I kissed you.

I asked God for wealth,
and I became rich in the splendor of your love.

I asked God for comfort,
and you wrapped me up in your warmth.

I asked God for success,
and I found the strength to accomplish
anything when I'm with you.

I Thanked God for you,
and every day I pray
that you're in my life to stay.

"For You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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