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Bad Cat...

The time is right;
I'm going to be bad today.
The sun is waiting,
and this cat yearns to play.

I'll call in sick,
take the phone off the hook,
and settle in a cozy chair
with a favorite book.

I'll put off the diet,
forget low fat and low cal,
because fun's the keyword
for this naughty gal.

At noon I'll live it up
at the cafe down the street,
where I'll gobble fries and shakes
until I'm too stuffed to eat.

Afterward I'll celebrate
my labor's just rewards,
when I head over to the mall
for a grand and pricey hoard.

I'll buy absolutely nothing
without a whooping tag.
I'll even get my treasure gift wrapped
before I stick it in my bag.

Then it's merrily back home,
where I'll jump in the sack,
and watch my favorite movies,
eye to tube and back to back.

I'll forget the dirty dishes;
let them reach the welcome sky.
There won't be a reason today
for me to fuss or cry.

I'll forgo all that resembles
a menial household chore,
and if bad news visits,
I'll kick it out the door.

Yes, life is way too short
to struggle every day.
Sometimes you gotta have some fun,
and let the bad cat play.

"Bad Cat," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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