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Superior to Man...

His love is unconditional,
forever loyal and true.
He doesn't fuss about the petty things
that bother me and you.
He's endlessly forgiving,
unafraid to turn a blind eye,
and he's always there to ease our pain
and soothe us when we cry.
His friendship lasts forever.
He'll be there to the end,
and every day we're blessed
by all the kindness he lends.
His purpose remains a mystery,
his value hidden in the fog,
but on earth this special
creature is known as "Dog,"
And if you're wondering why He's blessed
with qualities far superior to man's,
just turn his name around
and then you'll understand.

"Superior to Man," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Graphics: By Bobette Bryan
Music: "Dog and Butterfly"