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 Find Him...


Look and you'll find him.
He's not so hard to see.
He lives in every stalk of grass,
in every blossom,
every tree.
You'll see his light
in the dawn's ribbons of gold.
Even come nightfall,
he'll be there to behold.
You'll find him every time
you gaze up at a zillion stars.
He keeps the light on for you always;
to let you know that
he's never far.
You can see the breadth of his love
in the unending blue skies.
His love is larger than infinity,
and as great as he is wise.
You can witness his strength
in the mountains and the seas,
and hear his voice
in every breeze.
You can see his art
in every forest
and every brook that gently flows.
You can feel him
in the satin petals of a rose.
You can find him in every meadow
and every wave that kisses the shore.
He exists in every smile,
and every blessing
that arrives at your door.
Just look and you'll find him;
God is never hard to see.
He's everything around you,
all that is
and our greatest hope
for what can be.

"Find Him," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2000

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