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A Parent...

Soon you'll be a parent,
and you're wondering what to expect,
so I'll give you an inkling...

Expect astonishment.
Every day with your child
will bring new wonders,
every smile enchantment.

You'll be in awe
each time you peer
into the crib and see a
new person staring back at you
through tiny eyes.

And you'll be amazed,
because your life will change
overnight, and will never be
the same again.

You're going to have to
learn about life all over.
Through your child,
you'll rediscover the varying
shades of grass,
and the magical sparkle
of the sun rising above
the trees at dawn.

You'll marvel at each falling leaf,
each springtime blossom.

Often you'll simply
find yourself smiling,
and you won't know why.

And every day,
you'll reflect on how
you never knew a love as
true and unconditional.

When your child laughs,
you'll be overjoyed.

When your child cries,
you'll be sad.

No distance will
ever separate you.
Your bond with your child
will last forever!

And the only advice
I can give you is to
enjoy it all!
Cherish each moment.
This is the best time
of your life,
and it will disappear
way too soon!


"A Parent," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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Graphics: By Bobette Bryan
Music: "Always Be My Baby"