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We Stuck Together...

We've been together
since we were little more
than children.
We've had our foundations to lay
and roofs to mend.
In between babies
and careers,
we drifted apart
and questioned our choices.
But we stuck together.
And when the walls swayed
from an unexpected wind,
we secured them back in place,
bonded by some indefinable thing
that was much greater
than the storms around
and within us.
We even thought about
distant places
and dreamed about
other faces,
but the dawn always came
and shook us
from nighttime fantasies,
and the house we built
together survived.
And eventually the years
came full circle in our hearts,
bringing us closer
and making us more content
than we ever thought possible.
We've become two birds
on one branch,
side by side,
and perfectly content
in each other's warmth,
mated for life.

"We Stuck Together," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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