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Family and Friends...

Our happiness in this world depends
on the loving hearts
of our family and friends.
No amount of riches or worldly fame,
no stroke of luck or high acclaim
could ever possibly compare
to those who hold us close
in their thoughts and their prayers.
Nothing in the world
could do us more good
than knowing we're
accepted and understood.
And if we look closely, we're sure to find
that's it's those warm and loving hearts
that give us peace of mind.
They share our every joy
and weep with us through our sorrow,
and bring us hope when
we look to tomorrow.
And out of the lessons our
hearts must heed,
we should appreciate those who fill
our greatest needs;
for our happiness in life
surely depends
on the caring hearts
of our loved ones and friends.

"Family and Friends," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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