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My name is...

I can take a broken heart
and make it whole again;
for I'm the key to
life's happiness.

I can give the weak
the strength they
need to face the day.

I remind the ill
that all is not lost.

I help people conquer
the most difficult

Those who cling to me,
will make it
through the worst ordeal.

I inspire people to
follow their dreams,
to pursue new careers,
to finish their education,
to meet their goals.

I remove the weight
of tomorrow's burden.

I'm a sparkle in
the dark, lending

I'm a balm during the
day, instilling calm
during times of stress.

I'm not too hard to find
if you look for me;
for I'm everyone's best friend.

And once I'm in someone's
heart, their life
will never be the same again.

My name is hope.
Have you included me
in your life today?

"My name is...," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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