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We Travel on...

We're born,
and we travel on,
chasing the mist
that clings to dawn.
The journey widens,
spanning the hills
and then beyond
And on we go.
We travel on
far above the clouds
to another world
to the place of dreams
the stars unfurled.
And another
dawn rises and
we travel on,
weaving paths
to heaven,
circling God.
On and on;
we journey yon,
seeking lanes
we've never trod.
On we go.
We travel on
following the shadows
behind the sun,
in a circle
that's never done.
And wherever we go,
we must give
ourselves to it;
a road lies ahead
and we must all
pass through it.
So on we go.
we travel on...

"We Travel on," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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