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Need Your Help...

God, if you're listening,
I'm troubled.
The weight on my shoulders
has suddenly doubled.
My spirit is drowning
beneath waves of despair.
And no one's listening;
no one cares.
So many people walk by,
but none see the
endless tears I cry.
And I'm bent on the notion
of blaming me,
for nothing has turned out
the way it's supposed to be.
And I need you
to take my hand.
Wrap your love around my heart.
Let me know you understand.
I can't make it through the day
without you.
I need your help.
Only you can see me through.
I need to know you're there,
still cheering me on,
when others have left
and my hope is gone.

"Need Your Help," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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