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Golden Rules of Pet Ownership...

Anyone who has or is thinking about getting a pet, needs to know that a pet is not just a stupid beast. It's a living, breathing being, and it has feelings just like you. It gets cold, hungry, and feels pain--just like you. Please treat your pet well, give it lots of love, and follow the rules of pet ownership below.

Never entrust a pet's care to a child!
As an adult, you are responsible for the pets in your home, and you must make sure that the family pet gets food, water, shelter, and adequate medical care. Many animals starve to death each year, because their care was entrusted to a child or a teenager.

Never leave a pet outside
without adequate shelter
Without adequate shelter, coat or not, a dog or cat will freeze to death in the winter just like you. Hey, they're made of flesh, not of marble. Some dogs with short coats should NEVER be kept outside for long periods during cold weather.

Never strike your pet
Your pet will never forget it if you do. Besides, it's unnecessary. Positive and negative reinforcement with a loving pat or a stern "No," are much more effective.

Feed and water your pet every day
Give your pet fresh food and water every day. No exceptions! Your pet needs food and water every bit as much as you do. That's right--just like you.

Take your pet to the veterinarian
If your pet is sick, take it to the vet. Again, no exceptions. Please don't try to treat the animal yourself. And remember that some medications that are great for people are poisonous for cats and dogs.

Make sure your pet has
comfortable living quarters
Your pet should have warmth, ample space in which to live...and more, human contact. A dog should never be put on a leash and kept outside away from the family. What kind of life is solitary confinement?

Never leave a pet in a vehicle
Temperatures rise to over 120 degrees within minutes inside a closed vehicle on a hot day. Unfortunately, a lot of pets die this way each year as do human infants.

Give your pet a lot of love
Remember your pet lives for your love just like a child. That is their entire purpose. So give you pet a lot of love. If you do, you're guaranteed to get much more in return.

Never put a tight collar on your pet
A collar that's too tight will cut into the flesh, causing a severe wound that can require surgery. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that humane societies see.

Never dump a pet
Some people seem to think the pet can live off the land. This is not true. In actuality, the animal will starve to death unless the elements destroy it first. If you're unable to find a home for an unwanted pet, please take it to the nearest animal shelter.

Spay or neuter your pet
Unless your pet is a pure breed of the very highest quality, it should never be breed! Between four and six million animals are euthanized each year at animal shelters, because people failed to neuter their pet.

Be responsible!
And finally, do not take that cute pet home if you have any reason to believe that you won't be able to give it adequate care. Be responsible, because a pet's life is precious--just like yours!

If you practice these Golden Rules,
God bless you!
There's no purer heart
on earth than one
who loves animals.

"Golden Rules of Pet Ownership," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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