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Healing Journey...


I'll free myself today.
I'll stroll the path
where the birds sing
and forget my worries.
With the wild wind in my hair
and the sun on my cheeks,
I'll remember what it feels like
to be alive,
and how small my troubles are
in comparison to life's
beauty and greatness.
I'll collect the peace
that lies along the wayside
the way I would flowers,
taking in the serenity
that's all around
and making it mine.
The swaying grass
and the woodland shadows
will heal me,
pressing a sense of comfort
into my soul that will
flow through my entire being.
My heart will be light;
for I'll loosen my burden
and let the wind carry it
far above the hills,
beyond my reach.
And when I return home,
I'll be much stronger
than I've been in a long time,
and I'll have a new and
sparkling outlook on life.

"Healing Journey," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002


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