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Love's Legacy...

I sought beauty's field
so painfully gazed on now;
for a ragged weed defaced
the shining lustful days.
My heart duly rues
one fair of fair of face
who disdained the husbandry,
trading tillage for the plow.
Now I seek the beauteous ruins,
to repair the desire
of the once bounteous gift
caught in the fair wind's fire.
Therein the barren field
my familiar heartstrings play,
turning thy sweet rule
to the face of night
who yields a cruel embrace.
Bereft of remembrance
of days fairer than thy grace,
lost to thy sorry wind,
my heart a despot bound in lace.
Pity thy heart,
a mighty glutton be,
who in this unforgiving world
lost love's legacy.

"Love's Legacy," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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