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More To You...

You stayed through
every crazy phase
of my life,
and you loved me
even when I was
bitchy and hateful.
You accepted that
wounded part of me
and gave me a home
where I'm safe from the cold.
You were the only one
who cared about my dreams,
and you always
made sure that I got
what I needed from life
and then some.
You're the only one
I've ever been able
to count on,
accepting me for me
and loving me for me.
You gave yourself to me
as no one ever has
or ever will,
and I couldn't make it
in this world
without you.
And I feel guilty
and regretful
when I think about
all you've given me,
because I wish I
could have given
more to you.

"More To You," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2002

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