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Your Everything...

I'll cherish you
the way I cherish home
and hold you sacred
the way I would a creed.
I'll be at your side
on sunny days
and on rainy days.
And if you forget
what tomorrow holds,
I'll dust the stars,
until you can see
the light again.
I'll even slip some
rose petals
into your dreams.
I'll be your partner
in all things,
and I'll hold your
hope in place
the way gravity
keeps the earth
from drifting into space.
I'll write you poetry
that only the heart
can speak
and I'll listen
when your heart
speaks in turn.
And I'll give you
a new list of life rules
that includes happiness
and many sunny days.
I'll always be your
anything and everything,
because you're my
anything and everything,
and I love you.

"Your Everything," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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