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She awakes to a dark day,
closes her eyes and wishes
that life would fade away.
It's a major struggle
to get out of bed,
when depression is tugging
her spirit down like lead.
It's hard for her to even
lift a comb to her hair,
when invisible pain
has her heart wrapped in tears.
Inspiration dulls
as her spirit sinks,
making it hard to function,
impossible to think.
The dust goes unnoticed,
and the chores remain undone.
Everything falls behind,
bit by bit,
one by one.
But she'll make it
through this time,
knowing the dark days
don't last forever.
Time is always moving,
tugging at another lever.
Soon the shadows will fade
and lift the weight within.
The sun in hiding now
will rise and shine again.

"Depression," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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