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A Parent Like Me...

When my children,
who never want to be
a parent like me,
grow up, I wish them:

mud tracked on the
white carpet;

closed ears and
slamming doors
in response to their advice;

blaring music when
they have a headache;

an endless heap of
dirty dishes in the sink,
on the table,
and on the counter top;

labor without payment
and effort without
thanks or acknowledgement;

dirty socks on the
living room floor,
dirty clothes on
the bedroom floor,
and toothpaste in
the bathroom sink;

ridicule about their
favorite music, movies,
and their choice of clothes;

candy bar wrappers
under the coffee table,
pop cans on the coffee table,
potato chips and other
 items of unknown origin
on the couch;

chores to do that
someone else didn't do;

water and scuff marks
on the fine furniture
and crayon marks
on the wall;

groceries to haul,
bellies to feed, and a
house to clean,
even when they're exhausted
and don't feel like doing it;

and more socks--
to buy,
to collect,
to wash,
and to endlessly
and unsuccessfully match;

And driving,
and more circuitous,
and eye-wearying

I wish my children,
who never want to be
a parent like me,
kids just like mine.

"A Parent Like Me," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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