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Nature of Life...

Sometimes you fear
that you're going to snap.
People never stop gossiping
and the neighbor's dog yaps.
Your best friend's getting
married to the smuck
she just met,
and your greatest dream
hasn't materialized yet.
You're staring at the wall,
and wondering if you're
who you're supposed to be,
feeling as unwelcome
as a tick on a flea.
The job is a downer,
and the boss is a jerk,
and there's a pall
in the place
where your dreams
used to lurk.
How did you get here?
What brought you to
this place?
You're staring at
the mirror,
searching your face.
You can't take it anymore.
You're about to break down.
Even your smile's
wearing a frown.
Where's the fancy car,
the big house,
the better job?
Where's the true love
that made your heart throb?
There are so many "whys"
but you can't find
the answers when you
look in your eyes.
You're constantly
underrated, misunderstood,
and overlooked.
In the vacation of
your dreams,
your hotel's overbooked.
But don't take it
all so hard;
that's just the
nature of life,
full of uncertainty,
trials, and strife.
And though you wade daily
in puddles of blue,
tides of great things
are on the way for you.
If you keep smiling,
moving, and giving,
you'll find that
dreams do come true
in this thing
we call living.

"Nature of Life," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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