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While We're Apart...

While we're apart,
I want you to
keep me with you always,
and think about me
when you hear the
wind sing
and to imagine
the warmth of my touch
when the sun glows
upon your cheeks.
I want you to
dream about us
when you take in
the serenity
of the sea
and to imagine us
strolling the shore
each time your feet
touch the warm sand.
I want you to
yearn for the day
we'll be together
each time the sun
goes down,
and to hold me close
in your dreams
each time the stars
light up the sky.
I want our love
to flourish
with unrequited
fire and passion
while we're apart,
so that we
can remain close
in heart and soul.

"While We're Apart," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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Music: "Summer Breeze, original composition by Cliff Odenkirk"