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      Your Beautiful Love...


If I were granted a special request
from the stars above,
and I could wish for anything,
I'd ask for your love.

If high hope and heart alone
could make sweet dreams come true,
I'd live in a perfect world
where I'm loved by you.

If my greatest heart's desire
could be carried in on the tide,
I'd meet you at the shore,
and walk ever by your side.

If I could buy anything
my heart ever dreamed of,
I'd forgo the material things,
and stock up on your love.

If I could soar to heaven
wrapped in wings of bliss,
your arms would be around me,
and I'd welcome every kiss.

If I could dream of anything,
I'd dream only of your touch,
and hold you close to me each night
the way I yearn to so much.

If I could own paradise
where everything's divine,
then my world would exist
in the place where you're mine.

If prayers could bring anything,
I'd ask directly from the heart,
for a promise of tomorrow
when we're nevermore apart.

For there's one thing in life
that I look forward to,
and that's the days ahead
I'll spend with you!

And out of all the things
that I could hope for
or ever dream of,
nothing compares to you
and your beautiful love!

"Your Beautiful Love," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003


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