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      To Be Great...


You don't have to be
a great artist,
a great politician,
a great philosopher,
historian, athlete,
or scientist
in order to be great.

You can be great
in your kindness,
and the joy and comfort
you offer others.

You can be great
through the way
you raise your child,
and through your
love and devotion to
your significant other.

You can be great by
putting in an honest
day's work,
or by the way you've
made a house
a home for your family.

You can be great in
your desire to overcome
any obstacle in order
to make something
out of your life.

You can be great
by the way you help
your neighbors.

You can be great in
your love for God
and country.

It's not your job, ability,
status, or position in life
that makes you great,
but the love, loyalty, and
dedication in your heart.
And these are the very qualities
that bind all of humanity
to each other and
to God.

"To Be Great," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003


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