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Girl For My Son...

What kind of a girl
do I want for my son?
A girl who's optimistic
and lots of fun;
or maybe a girl who takes
great pride in herself
and doesn't let her dreams
grow dust on a shelf;
or perhaps a girl
who's dedicated to home,
whose love never ends
and eyes never roam;
even better is the girl
with a talented heart,
who plies her love
into her art;
but maybe an assertive girl
would suit him better,
one who sacrifices all
to make the letter;
or perhaps a simple girl
who's devil-may-care
and roams the woods
with flowers in her hair.
On second thought,
never mind the chatter,
because none of these
attributes really matter.
A girl--just a girl,
any girl would do,
as long she loves him,
and he loves her too.
But there is one condition,
and here I can't be too mild,
she must be willing
to give me a grandchild.

"Girl For My Son," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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