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Isle Of Alienation...

Nothing makes you feel
misunderstood like depression.
Nothing washes out
the colors of life
and quiets the music
like this silent foe.
And worse, you feel
guilty about it all
as if you can help it,
because you know that
you've become
a bad friend,
and a bad host.
And as you sit on your
isle of alienation,
no one is
looking at you kindly.
You search for yourself,
knowing you're
in there somewhere
and, indeed, you spot
a bit of your old familiar self
at unexpected moments.
But the rest is lost
to torrential rain
and endless black waves
that create demons
out of daylight,
dampening the very spark
of who you are.
The weariness in your bones
cries for sleep,
and you begin to think of
graveyards as comfortable beds
to lie down in
and escape it all.
You're certain that
there's no other relief
except the place
where crows perch on
ancient gray stones.
And that's the time,
more than any other
time in your life,
that you have to be
thankful for what
you still have,
and what yet may be.
And when the mighty wind rails
and the waves lash out,
you have to hold on tight,
and ride the storm
with all the strength
you can muster,
refusing to let yourself
be carried away by it all.
After all, the sun is shining
out there beyond the clouds,
and it's certain to
find its way to you again.

"Isle Of Alienation," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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