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I Remember...

I remember
when the world
was so big and new,
and I was eager to explore
it all.
I remember.
Do you?

I can almost feel
the wind
lifting my hair
as I skipped merrily
without a care.
I remember the time
when the sky was
never more blue.
I can recall the magic.
Can you?

I remember flying
high and free,
spotting ships
in the clouds
that sailed
above me.
I remember the time
when my heart was young,
and my life had
only just begun.
I saw the beauty then
and I still do;
I remember those days.
Do you?

I remember when
I had endless faith in me,
and I was certain
that I could become
who I wanted to be.
I still draw on the
hope from way back then
when my life was new.
I can slip back
to those times.
Can you?

"I Remember," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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