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 As One...



I'm sitting here
thinking about you
like I do every day.
I'm trying to concentrate,
but these fantasies of you,
hold me at bay.
I'm imagining how great
it would be if you
gave yourself to me.
I vow that I would willingly drown
in this sea of ecstacy.
I can feel your body
pressed into mine,
caught in a tempest of fire,
enraptured by true love
that's so divine.
I can feel your kisses on
my neck,
and the play of your fingers
upon my chest,
and I'm enchanted by the spell
that you cast best.
I can hear your sighs
and the urgent beating
of your heart,
and I become undone,
while in my fantasies
so steamy and hot,
we become one.

"As One," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2001

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