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Let's Try Again...

I'm sorry for what I said;
for the angry words we exchanged.
I never meant to hurt you
or make you feel estranged.

When I awoke this morning
without your warming light,
I wondered how to make amends
and set this thing right.

Right now there's so much pain
weighing in my heart
that I don't know how to begin
or where I should start.

And though all I'm feeling
is so difficult to express,
I believe we can make it,
put this grief behind us.

I only know that my love
for you remains strong,
and I want to be with you
my whole life long.

So please tell me how
I can ease your pain
and mend your broken heart
so that we can try again.

"Let's Try Again," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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