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Naughty or Nice Quiz...

Naughty or nice? What kind of lover are you? Find out with the quiz below.

1. This statement applies to you: "I'm hot and I know it!"

2. If you were strolling and someone whistled at you, you would...
  Be certain they were whistling at someone else.
  Pretend you didn't hear it and keep walking.
  Hold your head high and accept the compliment with a smile.
  Smile welcomingly, and check out the source.

3. You're confident in bed.
  Only when I'm sleeping.
  More comfortable than confident.
  Oh, yeah!

4. You like to give your lover sensual surprises:
  Quite often.

5. When it comes to lovemaking, there's nothing you wouldn't try.
  I prefer routine.
  I have limits.
  I like to experiment.
  Right on!

6. You can openly express exactly what you want?
  To a large degree.
  Yes. No holds barred!

7. You prefer the bold over the muted, the spicy over the mild, the hot over the cold...
  No. That doesn't describe me at all.
  I prefer a mix of things in life.
  All the time--the hotter and wilder the better.

8. You like to shed all inhibition and be yourself.
  All the time!

9. When it comes to a night of passion, you like to dress the part?
  No, but it might be fun.
  Yes! The sexier the better!

10. You aren't opposed to be being tied up?
  That's not my bag!
  I might try it!
  The thought has appeal.
  It sounds delightful!

11. You've purchased books, etc., to make your love life more satisfying.
  No, but I'm not opposed to the idea.
  A few times.
  My trunk overflows.

12. A romantic dinner, followed by a long steamy bubble bath for two would make a perfect evening.
  No. that doesn't interest me.
  I'd rather dream about it.
  When can we start?

13. For Valentine's Day, you would rather give your love?
  Flowers or Chocolates
  Some meaningful memento of love.
  A book of erotic poetry.
  Sexy lingerie or toys.

14. Making love in an unusual location (for instance outdoors, the backseat, the kitchen, etc.) has appeal to you?
  Absolutely not!
  Not much.
  It depends on where and with whom.

15. Do you often fantasize? And would you share those fantasies with your love?
  Sometimes, but I'd keep it to myself.
  Yes, but I wouldn't reveal all.
  Oh, yeah!

Your Score

It means...
0-24 You're definitely nice. You may enjoy life and love more if you open your mind to other possibilities. Think romance. A romantic evening, with a candle light dinner followed by champagne, could lead to a loosening of inhibitions and produce some needed sparks. After all, every nice person should be naughty sometimes.
25-50 You're a perfect mix of naughtiness and niceness, a devil with angel's wings. You like to please and be pleased, but there are limits to what you would do. Still, you're open minded about sensuality and unopposed to experimentation. You're willing to try new things from time to time to keep things from going stale.
51 to 60 You're so naughty that you may have horns. There's little or nothing that you wouldn't try. Plain and simply, you live for love, and you like to give and receive sensual pleasure.

"Naughty or Nice," written and designed by Bobette Bryan, 2003

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